Mary-Jane Persson

Specialising in Oil Painting, Ceramics and Printmaking
"Reflective Light" h1300mm /w1200mm
"Trees with stories" h1200mm / w750mm SOLD
"Evening walks" h510mm / w315mm FOR SALE
"Out of range" h500mm /w700mm SOLD
"I walked this path and listened" h1000mm / w1400mm SOLD
"Into the light" h500mm /w600mm FOR SALE
"gods little fingers"h400mm / w400mm FOR SALE
"Just passed through" h900mm / w1350mm FOR SALE
"Bhutan" SOLD
"Moon rising" h800mm /w600mm SOLD
"The hills lead home" h600mm / w1400mm FOR SALE
"The evening awaits" h1000mm / w1400mm FOR SALE
"The edge of the wood" h250mm / w350mm FOR SALE
"Docked" h200mm / w300mm FOR SALE
"Move beyond" h800mm / w600mm SOLD
"A way over" h1200mm / w600mm
"Where am I?" w900mm / w450mm FOR SALE
"Time out" (Monoprint 1 of 2)
"Alone", not lonely" h900mm / w1300mm SOLD
"Whispering Leaves" h1100mm / w1600mm SOLD
"Dawn rising" h500mm / w700mm SOLD
"Waiting for something"h200mm / w300mm SOLD
"Red's who I love" Triptych
h440mm / w440mm each
"Move within" h700mm / w700mm
"Playful moments" h400mm / w400mm SOLD
"Snow Time" h800mm / w800mm
"Reflections" h500mm / w900mm SOLD
"Across the Vaal Dam" h 1600mm / w 1400mm SOLD
"Just taking my time" h1000mm / w1400mm SOLD
"Let your imagination go" h1350mm / w2000mm FOR SALE
"Wish we were there" h600mm / 1400mm SOLD
"Burning skies' h450mm / w900mm FOR SALE
"Magical colours of Africa" h1300mm / w 1500mm SOLD
"Soft skies reflected perfectly" h1000mm / w1000mm FOR SALE
"Karoo, South Africa" h800mm / w1500mm FOR SALE
"Across the Vaal Dam" h750mm / w1000mm SOLD
"Blooming Beautifil flowers in Africa" h800mm / w1200mm FOR SALE
"Wandering Home Again" h1200mm / 1800mm SOLD
A Land of Memories" h500mm / w700mm FOR SALE
"Tibet, Lake Manasorova" h200mm / w800mm
"Feels like home" h400 / w900 2019 FOR SALE
"Balito" h220mm /w600mm 2019 FOR SALE
"Awesome highveld storms" h300mm / w640mm 2019 FOR SALE
"Road trip through the flowers" h1000mm / w1000mm 2019 FOR SALE
"Travelling through our beautiful country" h600mm / w420mm 2019 FOR SALE

More photos of artworks are uploaded as they are completed...

All Mary-Jane Persson's art is subject to a copyright ©

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