Mary-Jane Persson

Specialising in Oil Painting, Ceramics and Printmaking
"Out to fish" COMMISSIONED (Private) h1200mm / w700mm
COMMISSIONED PORTRAIT Granddaughter (Private home)
"Forest" h 1100mm / w 1600mm COMMISSIONED ( Corporate)
"Mercury Bleeding" COMMISSIONED DIPTYCH (Private home) h600mm / w1400mm each
"Victoria Falls"h1300mm / w1850mm COMMISSIONED ( Corporate)
"Bright day ahead" CMMISSIONED ( Corporate) h900mm / w600mm
"Mountains in bright colours"h750mm / w900mm COMMISSIONED ( Corporate)
"Brightly coloured farm"COMMISSIONED DIPTYCH (Corporate)
h750mm /w900mm each
"Where Seas and Skies Play" h600mm / w1400mm COMMISSIONED (Private home)
"Stand Alone" h1000mm / w1400mm COMMISSIONED ( Corporate)
"The Rose Within" h900mm / w1300mm COMMISSIONED ( Private home)
"Dragons at play" h600mm / w1400mm COMMISSIONED (Private home)
"The ocean moves constantly" h1350mm / w1800mm COMMISSIONED (Corporate)
"Storms on the rise" h 600mm / w 1400mm COMMISSIONED (Corporate)
"Blazing beauty" h600mm / w1400mm COMMISSIONED (Corporate)
"Expansion" h1350mm / 2000mm COMMISSIONED ( Corporate)
Abstract paintings COMMISSIONED TRIPTYCH ( Corporate)
"Abstract lands of beyond" h1000mm / w2000mm COMMISSIONED (Corporate)
"A stillness that follows" h1000mm / w1400mm COMMISSIONED (Corporate)
"Forest 1 & 2" h900mm / w1200mm COMMISSIONED ( Corporate)
"Moving swiftly" h1200mm / w900mm COMMISSIONED (Corporate)
"Abstarct spirals" COMMISSIONED TRIPTYCH (Corporate)
Portrait in pastel h420mm / w300mm COMMISSIONED
"Light dancing on the water" h900mm / w1200mm COMMISSIONED (Corporate)
"Rapid waters" h1000mm / w1400mm COMMISSIONED (Private home)

More photos are uploaded as the artworks are completed...

All Mary-Jane Persson's art is subject to a copyright ©

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