Mary-Jane Persson

Specialising in Oil Painting, Ceramics and Printmaking

Much to Do About Art

Artist Gallery viewing by appointment

Commissions taken for Realism, Abstract, Portraits and more

Private and Corporate

Artworks range from R450 to R37 000, size and time dependant

Please contact me for individual prices

Art is my passion

"Creativity is so individual; your creations and your taste are as unique as your hand writing and finger prints. Have the courage to show the world your uniqueness in the wonderfully expressive world of black & white, colour and visual art!"  Mary-Jane Persson

"I walked this path and listened" h 1000mm / w 1400mm
"Reflection light" h 1200mm / w 1300mm
"Storms on the rise" h 600mm / w 1400mm